The Poetry

Still Water Steal Deep

When it’s Deeper than a paper cut

And “they” tell you to get over “it” but….

It’s more than an emotional rut 

And so you mask it, 


 Told to be strong,

and even in a crowd you feel alone.

It just becomes easy to tell others, “oh nothing’s wrong.”

To deny that it happened is to deny a piece of your story,

To deny that it hurts, negates your strength.

It happened.

It’s a page in a powerful book

There are many series yet to come

The page can’t simply be torn away

It is part of your story 

If no one has ever told you sorry….

I’m sorry it happened.

I’m sorry you’ve relived it. I’m sorry it made you cry. 

I’m sorry it cost you years of you. 

You are here, and it did not cost you you

You are not a crack in someone else’s foundation.

God had you in mind from the Earth’s very foundation,

And we build again!  


It's Too Late

It’s too late to throw in the towel,
if you were going to quit you should have done it by now,
When you’ve already seen God’s power.
It’s too late to dim the light when you’ve already climbed the light tower.
All the tears you’ve cried, you serve a God who told you Revelation that He’s going to wipe every tear away. So pick up your tears, pick up the towel, wipe your sweat and get in the ring even in those days where it doesn’t even feel like a boxing match,
but it feels like it’s a hurdle match and you’re jumping over
Hurdle after hurdle after hurdle after hurdle
it’s too late to quit, it’s too soon to throw in the towel
it’s a fixed fight and it’s fixed based off of who your daddy is.
Your daddy is a champion. Your daddy got in the ring with death and took dart after dart after dart and if it’s in your daddy then it’s in you because he’s there, he’s always watching you, ready to jump in the ring and fight your battle,
always there, watching not just you, but watching the opponent, watching, carrying you, sometimes the people closest to you don’t know what to do with you, but his yoke is easy and his burden is light, when you’ve cried more tears than the law should allow,
you’re going to smile again, when you try to be strong when the people closest to you can’t fix what’s wrong, do you want to know why you’re gonna win?
It is because he’s carrying you, he’s protecting you and every battle that comes against you he already won. He won the greatest battle when he defeated death, dart after dart, blow after blow and if it’s in your daddy, it’s in you. He’s always there, watching you, watching you, watching your opponent, ducking and giving you exactly what you need to win it’s too soon to throw in the towel. You were born with greatness in you. In fact, there’s not a fight he’s not prepared to win. He’s watching you. It’s impossible for you to lose because when it’s all said and done
He’s carrying you, every tear, every scream, the things you wanted, but couldn’t tell anyone else. I don’t care how bad the pain, the tears the brokenness, he’s watching, he’s holding you, he’s smiling down on you, protecting you. Get back up.
When your back is against the wall and it’s hard to stand tall and do the work of a Paul, when you feel like a Saul, and your back is against the wall…
No matter how far you’ve gone, he’s taken the darts, he’s taken the blows and he’s defeated the greatest opponent and if he did it you’ll do it too because he’s carrying you and it’s too late to throw in the towel!